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Employment, Labor, and Corporate Law

Nationally Recognized Labor Law Expertise Attorney who wrote “The Book” on Employment Law

J.D. Thorne

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No Employment Law problem is the same. All problems require counsel because they involve your employees and work environment, as well as very powerful judicial, union and regulatory influences.

I don’t solve your problem with a big firm’s standard text book solution and huge staff hourly billings. You work with me. I relate to, and am responsive to your management situation. Then, I aggressively defend your employer rights by providing a practical, profitable solution for your employee problem. My expertise, management perspective and negotiating skills can help you. Let’s talk



Top Employment Law Credentials

Attorney  Author   University Instructor   Seminar Speaker   HR Trainer   Syndicated Columnist

Successful Employment Law Practice

Representing, negotiating and advocating for companies and organizations in employment law, labor relations and human resources since 1977.

· Successfully representing management in numerous union representation elections, collective bargaining negotiations, grievance arbitrations, and NLRB unfair labor practice cases.

· Prevailing defense for companies in Equal Employment Opportunity, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, OSHA, and Wage/Hour matters before State and Federal Agencies.

· Advising and aggressively advocating management rights for company owners and top management, public institutions and not-for-profit organizations in employment law and human resources problems.




Solutions For Management On Employment Law Problems