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Concise Guide to Successful Employment Practices, 3rd Edition

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By J.D. Thorne

*Published by, Sporting Chance Press
*Nation’s Business Book Tip of the Month
*National “SHRM” Catalog Selection
*Endorsed by NAM to National Industry Council Employer Associations

Helps you avoid problems in managing employees on a day-to-day basis, and presents a guide to preventive personnel principles in labor relations and employment law management. This third edition has been revised to make the text useful in both the employment and educational settings, and is enhanced by the addition of questions and answers for each chapter, expanded checklists, updated sample policies, and new examples.
New material addressing current case law changes has been added to several chapters to provide a broader base of authority, such as analysis of recent Supreme Court cases involving sexual harassment – also the Americans with Disabilities Act in EEO. New developments since the second edition are included, such as “covenant-not-to-compete”, employment contract issues, tests for independent contractors, and legal liability for leased employees. Updated information also addresses conducting an investigation of a sexual harassment complaint and reasonable accommodation for Americans with disabilities.

Must-Have” Reference Book for Today’s Busy Top Management, Middle Management and Human Resources Professionals

Text Book for Law School and Business Courses

Solutions For Management On Employment Law Problems